This is similar to a links page but... it's different. Don't ask me to explain it. This will be mostly, but not entirely, ephemera by fans. And maybe some commercial projects that are in the same vein.

100 Worthwhile Dos Games

A cool image giving the worlds briefest rundown on 100 DOS games the author thinks are worthwhile. I agree with like half of them at least. Maybe more.

The CRPG Book Project

An absolutely insane, collaborative nonprofit project to create a free e-book on the history of Computer RPGs. I love the dedication here and hope to eventually see ones for JRPGs and FPS games from similar groups. Covers 400 games from 1975 - 2019.

50 Years of Text Games

Substack series covering 50 years with a text game for each year. Wild to see what was, what is and what could be in the genre of interactive fiction. Covers one of my favorite games of all time too: Tradewars 2002. Has a book edition that was expanded and is amazing.