Goat's Desert

I like goats and I like deserts deal with it.

Yo, My name is Goat, this is my personal website.

Things I wanna talk about:

  • Cool Board Games
  • Weird Video Games
  • Pulp Fiction (genre fiction, not the movie)
  • Movies!
  • I don't know man don't hassle me


-Oct 17th, 2022

Free PC games page has been started, this will be a rolling collection as I find games to add.

-Oct 15th, 2022

Finished adding games and thoughts to the next fest page. That took longer than I expected.

-Oct 10th, 2022

More games added to the Steam Next Fest page, still some placeholders. Will be finished later this week.

Two updates in one day, all the pics added to the Next Fest page, still working on a few reviews.

-Oct 7th, 2022

Added a new page for the most recent Steam Next Fest and the game demos I've tried on the game recommendations page, some of the content is still placeholders.

-Sep 17th, 2022

Redesigning the site, was going for an old school solaris black screen/green text look but I don't think that was really working. Going to switch it up after inspiration from ODing on "THE INDIE NET IS GREAT!" videos.

Sometime between these two updates...

Did an iframe thing for loading in the thoughts page, it's stupid, going to undo that shortly....

-May 6th, 2022

Added this update log. Looking at changing the thoughts page to use javascript to load in HTML snippets instead of loading everything at once. That way I can make things a bit more media rich while maintining its lightweight.