About Me

Hey! I'm Goat, nice to meetcha.

Who I am:

I'm an elderish (mid?) millennial that has a fondness for the small web and my memories of being a terminally online tween.

Many years ago... decades ago I guess (ouch) I had a terrible Warcraft 2 fansite with the worlds worst strategy guides on it. I think it was hosted on Tripod... maybe Geocities. It's gone but I miss it a little. As you can see my tastes haven't changed much from Baby Goat's, just got more pastel.

What I do:

I'm a SQL and Tableau developer, I was a sys admin but being in IT sucked the life out of me so I jumped over to the much more engaging and fulfilling world of being a business/data analyst... can you sense the sarcasm?

Other Stuff

  • I mod the COIN Series Players Club Discord which is dedicated to a series of board games about marxist insurgencies
  • Made a board game tangentially related to that series with 3 wonderful co-designers: Vijayanagara which I think is pretty cool if I do say so myself
  • Helped to run the second incarnation of the Consim Game Jam: Consim Game Jam
  • and lastly I dabble in board game design and development, mostly with a lovable band of idiots I met during lockdown in 2020

Why Goat?

My online nom de guerre is "Chaos-Goat", but most people call me Goat. Even friends IRL at this point. I chose the name when I was 12 because I needed an online handle for gaming and I liked goats and chaos. 24 years later I still like goats and chaos so it was a good choice.

A Note About Colors

I didn't intend for the site to have a color scheme like a bag of saltwater taffy but while initially coding it I had a very boring black nav/footer, white body situation going on and c'mon dude this is supposed to be fun! So I started adding colors and... uh... this happened. So I rolled with it. Pastels are manly, don't @ me.

My car doesn't have bumper stickers...

but my site sure as hell does!

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