Lately I've become reinvigorated for projects after a long slump. I feel like I had lost some of my voice and vigor over the past few years between overwork and just constant exhaustion. Restarting work on my website has been a big part of the reinvigoration. Because of that I don't want to look back on 2023 which was... fine I guess. I want to look forward to what I want to work on this year. I'm not normally the kind of person to put this kind of aspirational post out there, but I wanted to do this as part of the's 2023 Holiday's Event.


A new board game.

I may even make development public to try and show people it's not as hard as they think it is.

Solar powered server

I have a nice high speed fiber connection and live in a solar power mecca, I should do something cool with those. Inspired by Low-Tech-Magazine.

Shared Hosting

I'm trying to bully many of my more normal friends into joining the indie/small/cozy/personal/whatever the hell we call this web, and I want to offer them a host and subdomain, similar to's Marigold.Town project but without the town ethos.

Paper Mache!!!

I'm not obsessed with sustainability but I love the idea of using paper mache to create things that you wouldn't normally use it for: Furniture, electronics enclosures, etc. I want to explore that more this year.



I want to host a capsule, I love the idea of the internet that wasn't. And I want to put unique, non gemini related stuff up there to do what little I can to enrich the ecosystem.

Digital Garden

I'm not a fan of the name exactly, but I want to convert this blog into more of an exploratory experience and less of an on a timeline traditional blog. I may end up embedding a Quartz site into my 11ty site to accomplish this which seems janky and that appeals to me. I accidentally convinced myself of this when linking someone to some reading on the whole concept.


Be Healthier

This is simple, I work from home and it's not been great for my health. Time to fix that.

Camp more

I like camping, I want to do it more this year.


This list of things I want to focus on may seem like it's not grandiose enough to start my year off, but I know myself and I will get depressed if I aim too high and start not achieving it. If I keep my goals reasonable I'm more likely to hit them and actually keep going. There is more I want to do this year and more I will do, but for now this is a good place for me to start. And being kinder to myself is also definitely part of this list even if it's unspoken.