I'm kidding. I'm not a big manifesto guy. No I'm more likely to be the guy sitting at the bar bitching about some esoteric nonsense... wait maybe I AM a manifesto kind of guy. Hmm.

Alright then, my short manifesto:

I think. But probably not well.

Nice and simple.

We don't need more long manifestos and I think the proof is evident when you start reading those by figures you vehemently disagree with. Ted Kaczynski (an American domestic terrorist) makes some salient points in his manifesto "Industrial Society and Its Future" and I used to be worried by that. "Crap, I agree with some of his points does that mean I'm crazy?" No, it's 35,000 words long, it'd be hard for me not to agree with at least something in that span of words. That being said I don't agree with any of his conclusions, this isn't me saying "the Unabomber was right, actually".

You just can't fill 35,000 words without including at least some basic truths: the sky is blue, modern society kind of sucks, people feel more like cogs in the machine than empowered individuals, we're destroying nature, etc. That's why long manifestos suck. Repeated manifestos aren't great either, not because they exist but as a reader it gets boring to read the same thing over and over and over. I want new ideas, bold takes, and strong opinions. This is why this isn't a small web/indie web manifesto: everyone already has one, and I've got nothing to add to that conversation.

This is mostly me just trying to get over the hump with putting more than just my game opinions out there. I don't mind being wrong, or having dumb opinions (Star Control 3 is the best in the series, don't @ me) but I want to at least be putting out the cream of the crop of my idiocy, not just the super basic, rote idiocy. So in summary: No Manifestos, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Wait did I just write a short manifesto against manifestos? Goddamnit.