Game Recommendations

I play a TON of video games. It's my preferred method of escapism. Far from making me unique this makes me shockingly normal in this day and age. Elder nerds everywhere would rejoice to know that being nerdy/geeky is mainstream now and nerd culture IS pop culture. Anyways I digress. Why I'm saying this is I'm CONSTANTLY looking for new things. Always chasing the dragon so to speak. Looking for things that'll break my brain just a bit, just the right way. Exactly the way that connoisseurs of genre films will chase that exact same "oh... I never saw THAT before." high.

What this means for the purposes of this page is I churn through games quickly and I'm constantly on the lookout for that sweet, sweet weirdness.

Currently (as of Septemberish 2022ish) my various game libraries hold:

The point is that I play a lot of games, and I aggressively seek out new experiences (or literally any and all traditional roguelikes...) and I'd like to share the fruits of this obsession with my peeps